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A cigar journey.

Episode 66: Getting to Know Alec Rubin from Alec Bradley Cigars

Small Batch Cigar

I travel to Capital Cigar Lounge in Lincoln, Nebraska and sit down with Alec Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars. Alec and I discuss what it was like growing up in the industry and his unique cigar journey. Alec describes what it’s like working with family, what he believes makes a cigar manufacturer “boutique,” and his opinions on vitolas and accessories. We touch a little bit on how the global pandemic has affected the industry, how it affected their business, and that leads to a discussion on the meaning behind the Kintsugi (and why it was 6mos behind schedule).

A huge thank you to Jeff Fry, GM of Capital Cigar Lounge, and owners Tony and Austin for allowing me the opportunity to sit down with Alec Rubin and talk with him.

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