Tip Your Tobacconist – Here’s Why!

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We have all received some sort of service at cigar lounges – excellent or otherwise. The below list provides some reasons why tipping your tobacconist is a trick you should try!

1. You Relied On Their Expertise

Did your tobacconist help you find a great smoke today? Tip them! Did your tobacconist check in on you after your purchase to ensure that you are enjoying your stick? Tip them! Did the tobacconist keep the humidor organized and the lounge clean? Tip them! Did the tobacconist show you some new product? Tip them! Did the tobacconist just leave you alone to smoke in peace after checking in with you? Tip them! I think you can see where I’m going with this. 

Like some good alterations or a seasoned barber, your tobacconist’s expertise can dictate your cigar smoking experience. Perhaps they contact you when your favorite cigar is down to the last box in stock, your tobacconist is there for you. They can, and readily do, put together sampler packs and selections of cigars for lower prices just for you. They are also happy to discuss cigars and recommend smokes without caring if you make a large purchase as they likely earn minimum wage instead of commission. Eventually, a good tobacconist will cater to your specific cigar interests. Tip them!

2. You Enjoyed One Of The Many "Free" Services

There are many “free” services offered by many lounges. This can include cutting your cigar or refilling your lighter for you with butane. At our shop, we provide a cutting and lighting station that also provides a wine and bottle opener. That area is all maintained by and these services are provided by the tobacconist. Perhaps your lounge is BYOB or has a full service bar – many tobacconist play double duty and serve your drinks or run to grab you some glass ware and ice. 

Hopefully, you were checked out  with your purchases efficiently and promptly. Many tobacconists will greet you at the door and accompany you to the pipe tobacco station or into the humidor. They will answer your questions, ask you questions in order to tailor your cigar/tobacco needs and even show you how to light a cigar or correctly pack a pipe. These services are all provided at the hands of your tobacconist and who doesn’t deserve some financial acknowledgement of a job well done?

3. You Might Get Something From Their Private Stash

Many astute tobacconists either keep a stash of their favorites from low-stock cigars or they are given a plethora of really good, free, cigars. Private stashes can be absolute gold when it comes to finding something innovative and just plain fun during your adventure with cigars. If you ask nicely and respectfully, and of course, leave a tip thereafter, the tobacconist may just offer you a treat from their private sampling of cigars. Can’t find a cigar that you really love because it’s out of stock? Be kind to your tobacconist and they may have a stick hidden just for you. 

4. What You Love - They Love Too

We’re all in the cigar lounge for the same reasons – for the love of cigars and the comradery that comes along with that passion. Tobacconists have gone one step further and employed themselves for little pay in order to be within that environment day-in and day-out. Try to remember that they are just like you and want you to be truly happy with your cigar selections from the shop. They want you to come back! One way that you can know they appreciate you and want your business is simply to leave a tip. 

5. You Should Follow The Golden Rule

Doeth Unto Others As You Would Have Them Doeth Unto You. No one has ever complained about someone being too generous. Your tobacconist works hard to stock and maintain your go-to humidor at the shop. Many of us smaller individuals have to climb ladders just to reach the back stock for you. If something is out of reach like that, or a box needs to be opened so that you can peruse the merchandise, consider tipping your tobacconist for doing so for you. The key here is that while it is considered a retail location, truly, this is a service industry.  

6. It Looks Like Less Work Than It Really Is

At times it may appear that tobacconists just get to hang out with the regulars and enjoy all the trimmings that come along with the cigar shop. However, this is misleading as there is a lot more work that goes on behind the scenes so that you have a relaxing and fun experience while you watch the game or play cards with friends while smoking a stogie. Many tobacconists vacuum, mop, sterilize, clean the ashtrays, poof the pillows, refill ice and drinks, wipe the tables, maintain the humidor, maintain the body of the shop, restock missing items, refill lighters, engage with customers, and…the list is truly exhaustive. My dogs are barking just thinking about it.

7. Tipping May Effect Future Service

While this should be so, tipping may effect the service you receive when you come into the shop at a later date. Perhaps the tobacconist allows you to stay and chill after closing time while they are clocked out and you didn’t tip them to pay them for this privilege. Next time you want to finish a game that’s in the fourth quarter but the shop closes in three minutes you may not be allowed to stay. Courtesy demands that you get what you give so be a mindful cigar smoker, follow proper etiquette, and take care of the people that take care of you!

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