Cigar Review: The Warped Chinchalle is a Wonderful First for Warped Cigars

Small Batch Cigar

The Chinchalle is a first for Warped Cigars, as it’s the first time they’ve produced a cigar in the Dominican Republic. The Chinchalle also happens to be one of the first cigars produced at Tabacalera La Isla, a factory owned by Hostos Fernandez Quesda. Theses “firsts,” coupled with my love of Dominican grown tobacco, demanded that I smoke and review the Chinchalle. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made me wait a few weeks. Finally, here we are.

The word “chinchalle” is Cuban slang for “small factory.” The Chinchalle is currently only produced as a 5″ x 50 Robusto. The Chinchalle sports an Ecuadorian Habano 2000 Rosada wrapper over a Dominican Binder and Dominican Corojo ’99 and HVA fillers. 


VITOLA:   Robusto
SIZE:   5″ x 50

ORIGIN:   Dominican Republic
FACTORY:   Tabacalera La Isla

WRAPPER:   Ecuadorian Habano 2000 Rosada
BINDER:   Dominican Republic
FILLER:   Dominican Republic Corojo ’99 and HVA Filler

STRENGTH:   Medium – Medum-full

Oxford Cigar Company


Huddled around the heater in my garage.

November 12 @10:00am

Water and Three Rivers Coffee Company Hotel Bravo Blend

34° (23° with the wind chill)
91% humidity

The sounds of wind and freezing rain hitting my garage.


RELEASE TYPE:  Regular Production


Typical Box Size:     Boxes of 25
Production Totals:  Regular Production

o  Robusto  (5″ x 50)


The band is elegant if a bit understated. I suppose that ties in with the name “Chinchalle.” The band is adorned in gold and black, that has “Flor Fina” (delicate flower) written underneath a picture of, what I am assuming to be, a sketch of a small tabacalera. The name of the cigar, Chinchalle, proudly adorns the side of the band.


A cursory glance at the Chinchalle and the word “veiny” immediately comes to mind. The Ecuadorian Habano 2000 Rosada wrapper is beautiful, though. Caramel colored and no water spots or marks. I squeeze the cigar between my fingers and it gives slightly, but bounces back immediately. The cap is expertly applied and the Chinchalle is just gorgeous.

The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper gives off notes of stale bread with just a touch of barnyard to be found if you try. The aroma coming off the foot is intoxicating, with notes of sweet tobacco and cedar beckoning me to light it.

The draw on each of the Chinchalles I smoked was near perfect. They each had the right amount of resistance, without being too open or too tight. A light note of bread is accompanied by a very subtle sweetness. In all honesty, it’s a bit hard to detect the subtle notes from the cold draw. As it lingers on my palate, the sweetness becomes more noticeable.


Cut:  Xikar Xi3
Fire:  ST Dupont Hook lighter
The lighting process was effortless, despite the temperature and humidity. I was thoroughly impressed with the burn on both cigars that I smoked for this review. Each Chinchalle began burning evenly and as razor sharp as I’ve seen a cigar burn. To say that I was impressed was an understatement. Again, I want to mention the draw on the Chinchalle. Neither cigar had any sort of draw issue to start the experience.

The almost perfect draw of the Chinchalle helps produce copious amounts of smoke with each draw. The smoke is creamy and satisfying. My excitement level for the Chinchalle just keeps going higher.

>> Salted Butter, Coffee, Vanilla

There is a harshness on the initial light but that quickly fades. Salted butter, wood, and coffee jump out at me. Black pepper from the retrohale hammers at my nostrils. This is starting off a bit stronger than I expected. The burn line is razor sharp so far. There is a richness and depth to the Chinchalle that I wasn’t expecting. The salted butter flavors are the dominant notes with a hint of bread. It’s as if someone used salt on buttered toast. Why someone would do that, is beyond me, but it gets the point across and is actually very good. The saltiness begins to fade and the coffee note is now more easily detected. Baking spices and a hint of vanilla come through on the retrohale. The ash is compact and beautiful. The burn line continues to be razor sharp. The vanilla note compliments the richer notes and adds a nice brightness to this first third. The flavors are a bit sharp in this first third, but not overly harsh. Age should round this out nicely.

>> Graham Cracker, Vanilla, Baking Spices

The second begins much more mellow than the first third. Cedar, salted nuts, and vanilla start off this middle third. White pepper on the retrohale rounds out the flavors. The saltiness that dominated the first third is still present on the finish. The burn line is nothing short of spectacular. The ash is not flakey at all and the Chjnchalle draw still has the perfect amount of resistance. Where the first third had been sharp and a bit harsh on the palate, the Chinchalle’s middle third continues to mellow out as I smoke it. The smoke remains creamy and pleasant. Baking spices and and wood are the prevalent flavor notes. A wisp of dark chocolate and vanilla begin to shine through. A nice graham cracker note lingers on my palate. Notes of honey, wood and baking spices make for a wonderful end to the middle third. Any harsh or sharp notes from the first third are long gone in the middle third. The Chinchalle is really hitting its stride.

>> Chocolate, Cinammon, Pepper

The final third starts with notes of dark chocolate, espresso and roasted nuts. Charred wood and pepper come through on the retrohale. A slight saltiness starts to appear, but a shadow of the salt found in the first third. The burn continues to be razor sharp and the ash compact. Cinnamon and chocolate is a combination that I didn’t know I liked…but I do! It’s rounded out by notes wood, salt, cream, and burnt toast. This final third has turned into a chocolate bomb. A bit of salt just enhances the flavors. Coupled with notes of coffee and wood, this final third is something special. Black pepper and cedar come through on the retrohale with baking spices on the finish. What started as overly salty and harsh is finishing with waves of flavor and a smooth finish. The ash is a bit flakey now, but the burn remains sharp.


While the first third was my least favorite, the Chinchalle’s harshness is not lasting and is not off-putting. The flavors are well-balanced and quite interesting. That trend continues throughout the rest of the cigar. The flavors mellow a bit in the middle third, but bounce right back in the final third. More importantly, the flavors compliment one another and never fight for dominance. The blending of the Chinchalle is nothing shor of masterful.

I have nothing negative to say about the burn. It was razor sharp throughout and never needed a touch-up or relight. I was more than impressed with how the Chinchalle burned, especially given the adverse weather that I smoked them in. We all know that cold temperatures and high or low humidity can have an adverse effect on your cigar. That was not the case with the Chinchalle.

0.75 / 0.80 … Craft & Aesthetic
0.45 / 0.50 … Pre-Light Characteristics
0.50 / 0.50 … Lighting Process
6.90 / 7.70 … Smoking Experience
0.45 / 0.50 … Personal Enjoyment



I love being surprised when I smoke a cigar. I try not to go into any review with expectations, but that’s almost impossible. Those who know me, know that I love a medium flavor and medium strength cigar. When I found out that Warped was going to be making their first cigar in the Dominican Republic, I was pretty excited. The Chinchalle exceeded all of my expectations. This cigar is anything but boring. The flavors were balanced and complimented each other in the best possible ways. The final third was an absolutely delicious chocolate bomb that just stole the show. I would recommend the Chinchalle to both new cigar smokers and grizzled aficionados to try. For me, this is an easy box purchase.


4 comments on “Cigar Review: The Warped Chinchalle is a Wonderful First for Warped Cigars

  1. Roland Thomas says:

    I just received my first one form Stogi Bird. I enjoyed it from beginning to the end and bite it again.

  2. Tommy Zman says:

    What a tasty, well made stick that im adding to my regular rotation. Great review man!

    1. James Giehm says:

      Thanks, Zman!! I agree, it’s a great cigar.

  3. Christopher Germano says:

    Mouth watering goodness:)

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