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The very latest episodes of Simply Stogies Podcast.

Episode 35: Project E Gran Ola Review

I give you my review of the Epic Cigars limited edition Project E Gran Ola. You can follow along with my review here. I also go over our new Statement of Ethics and why it’s important to our staff and...

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Episode 34: Getting to Know Our New Content Director, Matthew Kang

James welcomes the new Content Director/Editor of simplystogies.com, Matthew Kang. Matthew discusses his cigar journey, and how his real job at Eater LA will help us give us some direction. We also talk a...

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Episode 33: Up and Down with Phil Ledbetter from Up Down Cigars

I had the opportunity to sit down with co-owner of Up Down Cigar (located at 1550 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL) and current PCA Board Member, Phil Ledbetter. Phil and I discussed his cigar...

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Episode 32: Catching Up with Glynn Loope

I get to catch up with the Executive Director of the Cigar Rights of America, Glynn Loope. We discuss how COVID-19 has impacted cigar retailers and manufacturers, the government’s response, and the current fight...

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The Latest Cigar News and Reviews

15 Essential Cigars to Keep Stocked in Your Humidor

When you start collecting cigars, you’re going to start developing a palate of the things you like, the kinds of cigars you would enjoy on any occasion. These are the cigars that we think...

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Epic Cigars Project E San Andres Gran Ola

OVERVIEW VITOLA:   Toro SIZE:   6-1/4″ x 54 ORIGIN:   Dominican Republic FACTORY:   Charles Fairmorn WRAPPER:   Mexican San Andres BINDER:   Indonesian Sumatra FILLER:   Dominican Republic and Nicuaraguan STRENGTH:   Medium – Full SOURCE:   Received Sample from Epic Cigars...

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Presbyterian Mixture

OVERVIEW BULK or TIN:   Tin SIZE:   50 g ORIGIN: Virginia – United States Oriental – Macedonia Latakia – Cyprus BLENDING HOUSE/PRODUCER:   Planta BLENDING COMPONENTS:   Virginia, Oriental, Latakia STRENGTH:   4/7 SOURCE:   Smoking Pipes ENVIRONMENT WHERE:...

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Punch Punch 2019 Review

OVERVIEW VITOLA:   CubaSIZE:   5.6″ x 46 ORIGIN:   CubaFACTORY/BOX CODE:   DEC 19 WRAPPER:   Cuba (Vuelta AbajoBINDER:   Cuba (Vuelta Abajo)FILLER:   Cuba (Vuelta Abajo) STRENGTH:   Medium SOURCE: Generous gift from a friend at simplystogies.club ENVIRONMENT WHERE:   Open patio...

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