The Latest Simply Stogies Podcast and Cigars and Coffee

The very latest episodes of Simply Stogies media.

Cigars & Coffee Episode 35: Turkish Coffee and La Aroma de Cuba Pasión

James visits Habano Cigar Lounge in Davenport, Iowa and reviews their Turkish Coffee and the La Aroma de Cuba Pasión. The La Aroma de Cuba Pasión was released in September of 2021 and this...

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Episode 69: The One and Only Tommy Zman

I chat, via Zoom, with the one and only Tommy Zman. Tommy “Zman” Zarzeki is a writer, producer, voice actor, humorist, and content creator. While he has worked on projects outside of the cigar...

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Cigars & Coffee Episode 34: Blackbird Finch and Nicaragua Jinotega Paraiso

Tim is back with the newest edition to the Cigars & Coffee lineup. Sit back and enjoy his inability to pronounce so many words while he tells us about the Blackbird Cigar Company Finch...

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Episode 68: Bonus Episode with Lucas Da Silva of Oxford Cigar Company

I welcome Lucas Da Silva, owner of, back to the podcast. We discuss the state of cigar retail, what it’s like to do business during the second cigar boom, and how Oxford Cigar...

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Cigars & Coffee Episode 33: Montecristo No. 2 (Cuban) and Three Rivers Coffee Company’s Hotel Bravo

James returns after his bout with COVID-19 and reviews the Montecristo no. 2 (Cuban) while drinking the Hotel Bravo blend from Three Rivers Coffee Company. The Montecristo no. 2 is the quintessential Cuban cigar...

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The Latest Reviews and Articles

The very latest reviews and articles from the Simply Stogies staff.

Cigar Review: Sweep the Leg from Nomad by Ezra Zion is a Solid Hit

If you’ve read my review of the Freakshow from Nomad by Ezra Zion, then you know that Nomad releases can sometimes speak to my inner geek. In this instance, Sweep the Leg scratches that...

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Cigar Review: The Warped Chinchalle is a Wonderful First for Warped Cigars

The Chinchalle is a first for Warped Cigars, as it’s the first time they’ve produced a cigar in the Dominican Republic. The Chinchalle also happens to be one of the first cigars produced at...

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Pipe Tobacco Review: Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation Evening Flake is Great “Factory Fresh”

When McClelland closed its doors in 2017, there were numerous blends that became objects of veneration, from their annual Christmas Cheer release to the Frog Morton line, to their incomparable oriental blends. What was...

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