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The very latest episodes of Simply Stogies media.

Episode 40: Catching-Up with Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne

James catches up with one of the founders and blenders of Stolen Throne Cigars, Lee Marsh. The pair discuss how Stolen Throne has handled the pandemic, their new releases (Call to Arms, Argos, and...

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Cigars and Coffee Episode 7: The CRA and Getting Involved

James and Tim visit Habano Cigar Lounge (432 E 4th St, Davenport, IA), their other home lounge, and discuss a couple of topics important to the cigar community. The first is the importance of...

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Cigars and Coffee Episode 6: Lounges, Trips, and Synthetic Urine?

James and Tim record from David’s Fine Tobaccos (9759 University Ave, Clive, IA) as James stops by after his trip to Omaha, Nebraska. They discuss the importance of supporting your local cigar lounge, trips...

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Episode 39: A Revisit with Capital Cigar Lounge in Lincoln, NE

I sit down and catch-up with co-owner Tony Goins, and humidor coach Jeff Fry. We discuss their response to COVID-19 and how it has impacted their business. Jeff and I talk about the changes...

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Episode 38: Jeff and Mari Doll of Safari Cigars & Lounge

James sits down with the owners of Safari Cigars & Lounge, Jeff and Mari Doll. They discuss lounge etiquette, the impact that small business has on the local economy, how they got into the...

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The Latest Cigar News and Reviews

Omaha Cigar Co. Blends a Cozy Lounge Experience With Great House Sticks

Tucked away in a nondescript strip mall on the southeast side of Omaha, the Omaha Cigar Company sits in-between a dry cleaning business and a Korean food restaurant. The small storefront and lack of...

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Cigar Review: Stolen Throne’s Call to Arms Corona Is a Complex Anytime Smoke

The Stolen Throne Call to Arms is the second regular production release for Stolen Throne Cigars, and the follow-up to their highly successful Crook of the Crown release. The sophomore offering from Stolen Throne...

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Top 10 Boutique Cigar Companies You Must Try

What is a boutique cigar? That question has been asked by aficionados and enthusiasts for years causing much debate within the community. Definitions of what makes a cigar brand boutique include: Brands who do...

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Cigar Review: Cuba’s Trinidad Vigia Is a Pleasure to Smoke But Lacks Wow Factor

The Trinidad Vigia is a regular production cigar from Habanos S.A. The Vigia is one of the more recent editions to the Trinidad family (originally released in 2014) and arguably one of the most...

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Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Enclave Salomon Looks Great But Fails on Flavor

The salomon vitola is one of my favorite in the entire cigar industry. Producers such as Cuaba and La Flor Dominicana are well-known for their salomones. The Oliva Melanio Figurado has been one of...

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