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Episode 46: Cigar Aficionado and Short Cigars

I give you my shortened opinion on the Cigar Aficionado Top 25 of 2020 list, why I think it is not a true list of the top cigars of 2020, and why we do...

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Episode 45: Cigar Community Round 1 with Simply Stogies Club

I sit down with the new Administrator of, Ryan Janus. Ryan and I discuss his cigar journey and how he started smoking, to working in a cigar lounge, to running We talk...

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Episode 44: 2020 in Review and Looking Ahead to 2021

I invite everyone to go to The Blend News and sign up for their newsletter and for their holiday giveaway! I then take a look back at the trials, tribulations, and victories of 2020....

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Episode 43: 2020 Holiday Gift Guide and Budget Cigar Reviews

I welcome our Content Director, Matthew Kang (Twitter and Instagram), and our Photographer, Wonho Frank Lee (Instagram) to the show. The three of us go through our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide on and break...

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Cigars and Coffee Episode 10: Sh*t Show

James and Tim stay socially distant and use Zoom due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Iowa. The duo cover the third wave of COVID-19 and how it might impact cigar retailers before...

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The Latest Reviews

The very latest reviews from the Simply Stogies staff.

Top 10 Short Cigars to Smoke During the Winter

Winter comes every year, and every year cigar aficionados and enthusiasts take shelter in their local lounges. This year, that plan is proving more difficult with the global pandemic still raging throughout the world....

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Review: Select Draw Cigar Cutter Uses 3 Prongs for a Totally Custom Smoke

There is nothing worse than sitting down to smoke a cigar, cutting it, taking a cold draw, and finding the draw to be too tight. Sure you could try to stab your cigar into...

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5 Rare Pipe Tobaccos Worth Smoking

Introduction In every hobby, once one gets past the basics and decides it’s worth pursuing, you look beyond the everyday and towards the upper echelon, where the promise of quality and a unique experience...

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Cigar Review: Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Espressivo Is Definitely Not Its Award-Winning Sibling

If the band looks familiar, it’s because the bright orange label has now garnered international attention from its older brother the Aging Room Quattro Maestro receiving the #1 Cigar of the Year from Cigar...

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Lounge Review: Capital Cigar Is the Premier Place to Smoke in Lincoln, Nebraska

I once again find myself in a strip mall in the Midwest. However, this is another case of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Opened in 2018 by Anthony Goins and Austin Hillis,...

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