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The very latest episodes of Simply Stogies Podcast.

Episode 26: Drunkenomics and Cigars

James begins the show by thanking Mike Breig, our content director and lead reviewer at simplystogies.com. Due to personal reasons, Mike must permanently step away from the cigar hobby. Mike was a driving force...

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Episode 25: REVIEW: Stolen Throne’s Crook of the Crown Robusto

I welcome SimplyStogies.com lead cigar reviewer, Mike Breig, back to the show. Before we dive into our reviews, we discuss Micallef Cigars shipping a cigar without a name and how that translates to their...

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Episode 24: Chatting with Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne Cigars

I had the opportunity to spend some time chatting with Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne Cigars. We talked about how Stolen Throne came to be and where the name “Stolen Throne” came from. Lee...

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Episode 23: Habano Cigar Lounge Davenport, Iowa

I get to sit down with Freddy Allan, owner of the brand new Habano Cigar Lounge in Davenport, Iowa. We talk about what it takes to open a cigar lounge, the hurdles that have...

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The Latest Cigar News and Reviews

Micallef Cigars Releases “Ultimate Inventory” Program for Select Brick and Mortar Partners

MICALLEF CIGARS “ULTIMATE INVENTORY” PROGRAM ANNOUNCED The very first promise Micallef Cigars made in their open letter to the cigar industry, was to make brick and mortar cigar shops their “emphasis;” that includes in...

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Crowned Heads Announces “Four Kicks Capa Especial”

CROWNED HEADS ANNOUNCES “FOUR KICKS CAPA ESPECIAL” RELEASE This week, as noted by other cigar news outlets, Crowned Heads announced a new release to their Four Kicks brand: Four Kicks Capa Especial. Four Kicks...

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Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown

Mike reviews the new brand on the scene - Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown. See if the boys from Virginia made a stogie that belongs in your humidor.

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Alec Bradley Bradley Cigar Co. Announces the Pre-Sale of New LE Black Market Esteli Diamond

Alec Bradley Announces Pre-Sale of New LE Black Market Esteli Diamond Today, Alec Bradley Cigar Co. announced the world wide pre-sale of the limited edition Black Market Esteli Diamond. This LE will be in...

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Where to Catch the Crew

Want to know where Simply Stogies will be next? Introducing Upcoming Events. Check back here to see where we are going to be. Swing by, say hi and enjoy a cigar and conversation with the Simply Stogies team.

Ashton SYMMETRY Grand Tasting

Ashton Symmetry is drawn from an unparalleled blend of proprietary and ultra-rare tobaccos. A shimmering, mahogany-brown Habano Rosado wrapper leaf harvested in Ecuador embraces flawless proportions of interior tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and...

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Simply Stogies Test Event

This is a test event. Once we get all the kinks worked out we’ll start adding real events.

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