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16 Clear The Air: A Simply Stogies After Show

Tim, James, and Nick are back again to talk about the latest Simply Stogies Podcast with special guest Vlada Stojanov of Bespoke Cigar Co. Unfortunately no one came to the table with any jokes,...

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Episode 111: The Somm, Vlada Stojanov

Nick and James welcome the illustrious Vlada Stojanov to the show. Vlada is the owner and founder of Bespoke Distributing and the man behind the Somm cigar lines. He is also a certified sommelier....

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15 Clear The Air: A Simply Stogies After Show

Tim brings James and Nick back to the mic in another episode of Clear The Air. This Episode is a behind the scenes thoughts and opinions session about the latest episode of Simply Stogies...

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Episode 110: An Unfiltered Conversation with Brian Desind of Privada Cigar Club

James sits down via Zoom with Brian Desind of Privada Cigar Club. James and Brian discuss the cigar industry and Brian’s place in it. Topics include marketing, the FDA, Privada Cigar Club, the PCA,...

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14 Clear The Air: A Simply Stogies After Show

This episode of Clear The Air is a little different than usual. We have tons of content that we need to get out and now that the PCA Trade Show is over, now is...

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The Latest Reviews

Cigar Review: The Somm BDX Gordo

Vlada Stojanov, the man behind Bespoke Distribution, is a certified sommelier. For those who may not know what that it is, it’s someone who has been trained to taste. That may be an oversimplification,...

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C&D Burley Sleepers: Pegasus and Habana Daydream

For many pipe smokers, Cornell and Diehl, despite their 400+ blends, equates to strong burly blends. Haunted Bookshop, Big’N’Burley, Old Joe Krantz, and their Burley Flakes are recognized for being bold, rough and tumble,...

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Cigar Review: Highclere Castle Petite Corona by Foundation Cigars

When one hears the words, Highclere Castle, the first things they do not think of are cigars. If they do happen to know what Highclere Castle is, the first thing that comes to mind...

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Solani Virginia Flake 633

Growing up my family traveled constantly. We drove from the east coast to the west, from the gulf to Edmonton, up and down the rockies, blue ridge mountains, catskills, and sierras. Invariably we’d pass...

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PCA Trade Show 2023: Toscano Cigars

Nick makes a stop by the Toscano Cigar booth at the PCA trade Show to talk to Michael of Toscano Cigars to figure out how they make an ugly little cigar so enjoyable. It’s...

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