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The very latest episodes of Simply Stogies media.

Episode 103: My Old Kentucky Herf 2023

James visits the crew of FatAsh Cigar Lounge in Ashland, Kentucky for the third annual My Old Kentucky Herf! James talks with Dwight Adkins, owner of FatAsh Cigar Lounge and founder of MOKH, to...

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Episode 102: Zoom with Zev

Nick and James are joined by Zev Kaminetsky of Toscano Cigars. We get Zev’s take on a litany of cigar issues: brokers, manufacturers, the PCA, the CRA, and cigar media. Zev doesn’t hold back...

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Episode 101: Dr. Oscar Rodriguez of GTO Cigars

James and Nick are joined by the CEO of GTO Dominican Cigars, Dr. Oscar Rodriguez. Dr. Rodriguez gives us the history of growing tobacco on the family farm in the Dominican Republic and some...

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Episode 100: Micallef Cigars’ Andy Yaffee

  James and Nick welcome our friend Andy Yaffee, the National Sales Director for Micallef Cigars, to the show. For our 100th episode, we ask Andy about the new sizes of the Micallef Leyenda...

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Episode 99: Festival del Habano 2023

James and Nick discuss the 2023 Festival del Habano that was held in Cuba from Feb. 27 – March 3. Nick battles through the lingering cough from the “Commie Corona” to walk us through...

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The Latest Reviews

Cigar Review: The Attic from West Tampa Tobacco Co.

We, at least all the cool kids, were excited when Rick Rodriguez stepped out on his own with West Tampa Tobacco. Rick worked at General/CAO/STG for over 20 years, helping to blend some well-known...

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Cigar Lounge Review: Up Down Cigars in Chicago, Illinois

It is hard to believe that it’s been three years and almost seventy podcasts ago when I sat down and chatted with one of the owners of Up Down Cigars in Chicago, Illinois, Phil...

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Boswell Aromatics: Berry Cobbler, Raspberry Cream, and Dan’s Blend

Flavor and nicotine. Or nicotine and flavor. Those are the reasons we smoke pipe tobacco and cigars. It may seem obvious but it’s important to every once in awhile focus on what we are...

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Cigar Review: Louis the Last from Caldwell Cigars

Released in 2022 Caldwell’s Crafted and Curated series acts as a creative outlet for Robert Caldwell, offering unique blending and sizing experimentation to discerning connoisseurs.  Some crafted and Curated cigars tweak existing Caldwell blends...

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Cigar Review: Phantom Queen L.E. from Stolen Throne

Stolen Throne has always been one of my favorite manufacturers. Lee, JR, and crew are all “cigar guys.” They’re steeped in the culture. They are active in online communities and have always been gracious...

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