Product Reviews

We use a unique method of rating products based on the quality of experience observed during multiple phases of their use, with a maximum perfect score of 10.0  Each category is weighted to a specific ratio depending on how drastically it affects the experience.


Product Design …….. 0.80
Product Usefulness …….. 0.50
Setup Process …….. 0.50
Personal Experience…….. 7.70
Personal Enjoyment …….. 0.50

Review: Select Draw Cigar Cutter Uses 3 Prongs for a Totally Custom Smoke

There is nothing worse than sitting down to smoke a cigar, cutting it, taking a cold draw, and finding the draw to be too tight. Sure you could try to stab your cigar into submission, but if that does not work you are left with tar build-up and low smoke production. You could cut the...

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Lighter Review: Xikar Tactical 1 Is a Powerful, Precise Cigar Torch

A review of one of Xikar’s newest lighters, the Tactical 1, which has a powerful but precise single jet that might be a little too beefy for some. But others who prefer that military-style, tactical look will love the look and feel of this high-quality lighter. One of the most unique features of this lighter...

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Cigar Scanner Wireless Hygrometer and Thermometer Review

OVERVIEW PRODUCT MANUFACTURER Cigar Scanner WiFi Hygrometer and Thermometer Cigar Scanner PRODUCT PRODUCT TYPE ORIGINALLY RELEASED STILL IN PRODUCTION CLAIM/GIMMICK BREAKDOWN Wireless Hygrometer and Thermometer 2017 Yes o  Ability to monitor your humidor condition anytime, anywhere. o  Notify you of changes to temperature and humidity levels inside your humidor. o  Track the history of humidity...

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Cigar Scanner App Review

OVERVIEW PRODUCT MANUFACTURER        Cigar Scanner The Cigar Lab Co.   PRODUCT PRODUCT TYPEORIGINALLY RELEASED STILL IN PRODUCTION  CLAIM/GIMMICK BREAKDOWN Cigar Inventory Application2015 Yes o  Scan your cigar and learn about ito  Track your cigars/Virtual Humidoro  Find local B&Mso  Cigar ring gauge toolo  Share your reviews and experience with otherso  Control your humidor’s conditions Anywhere, Anytime RESEARCH...

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ProjectCarbon – “Grand Panda” Travel Case

In a sea of many cigar travel case, ProjectCarbon stands out with their design and style. Find out if this is the right travel case for you, even with their not-so-cheap price point.

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Colibri Julius Double Soft Flame Lighter

A soft flame lighter is not a very popular option for lighting your cigar of choice but Colibri has given us the Julius Double Soft Flame Lighter in an attempt to change our minds. How will it stack up? Should you add this to your collection? Tim gives us the nitty-gritty in this review.

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Boveda Butler

Boveda's Smart Buttler is just one of many pieces of technology that allows you to monitor what's going on in your humidor without having to physically opening the lid. Getting what you pay for is the theme in this review brought to you by James.

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