Statement of Ethics

Simply Stogies Podcast and strives to bring you the best in premium hand-rolled cigar content. We do our best to work with blenders, manufacturers, retailers, influencers, and organizations in and around the cigar industry to keep you up-to-date with the latest news and trends of the cigar world. Our staff brings decades of personal experience and their unique points of view to every article and review we publish. We here at Simply Stogies work hard to bring you content that is insightful, educational, and entertaining, for both the veteran aficionado and the new cigar enthusiast.

We promise you that we do our best to keep our content free of personal politics and biases; our focus is on our shared passion for the Leaf. While we recognize that the world around us is changing, we will always focus on the cigar industry and those around it. Our goal is to highlight brands, trends, and, most importantly, the people in and around the cigar industry and hobby. The cigar hobby allows us to put our differences aside and come together in a way that, we believe, our society and culture desperately need right now. Our staff works to shine a light on individuals from all walks of life and to celebrate our shared passion for the Leaf.

We also promise to be as transparent with you, our audience and fans, as possible. That means clearly letting you know when or if we were given “freebies” to review, and clearly differentiating when we do. The staff of Simply Stogies holds themselves accountable for being unbiased in their reviews and articles. This means that our staff will not review a product with which they have a personal relationship, or disclosing when we do. The podcast is primarily funded by its fans. We are also funded, in part, by those in and around the cigar industry. We made this decision in order to bring you the best possible content.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Simply Stogies Staff, April 2023

*This statement has been amended as of April 2023.