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The Simply Stogies staff gives you their picks of cigars, accessories, lounges, and more!

Top 10 Short Cigars to Smoke During the Winter

Winter comes every year, and every year cigar aficionados and enthusiasts take shelter in their local lounges. This year, that plan is proving more difficult with the global pandemic...

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5 Rare Pipe Tobaccos Worth Smoking

Introduction In every hobby, once one gets past the basics and decides it’s worth pursuing, you look beyond the everyday and towards the upper echelon, where the promise of...

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The 2020 Simply Stogies Holiday Gift Guide for Cigar Lovers

‘Tis the season to start thinking about what to get your tobacco enthusiast friends and family for the holidays. Buying for that special cigar or pipe enthusiast is never...

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Top 10 Boutique Cigar Companies You Must Try

What is a boutique cigar? That question has been asked by aficionados and enthusiasts for years causing much debate within the community. Definitions of what makes a cigar brand...

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Cutters, Lighters, Ashtrays: All the Essential Gear Every Cigar Smoker Needs

The “hobby within the hobby,” as James puts it, is the collecting of all the essential gear one needs to properly smoke cigars. When we first began the hobby...

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15 Essential Cigars to Keep Stocked in Your Humidor

When you start collecting cigars, you’re going to start developing a palate of the things you like, the kinds of cigars you would enjoy on any occasion. These are...

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