Simply Stogies Staff

The 2020 Simply Stogies Holiday Gift Guide for Cigar Lovers

‘Tis the season to start thinking about what to get your tobacco enthusiast friends and family for the holidays. Buying for that special cigar or pipe enthusiast is never easy. This year, Simply Stogies is here to help. Whether it’s a custom whiskey glass, a branded cigar cutter, or a brand new pipe, we’ve got…

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Cutters, Lighters, Ashtrays: All the Essential Gear Every Cigar Smoker Needs

The “hobby within the hobby,” as James puts it, is the collecting of all the essential gear one needs to properly smoke cigars. When we first began the hobby of cigar smoking, we knew we would need a lighter, a cutter, and an ashtray. Little did we know that finding the right type of gear,…

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15 Essential Cigars to Keep Stocked in Your Humidor

When you start collecting cigars, you’re going to start developing a palate of the things you like, the kinds of cigars you would enjoy on any occasion. These are the cigars that we think should be mainstays in your humidor. Our staff has looked inside their humidors and chosen, what they consider, the best of…

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