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Hosted ByTim, James, and Nick

A Simply Stogies After Show.

07 Clear the Air: A Simply Stogies After Show

Small Batch Cigar

Tim is joined by James and Nick as they discuss Episode 101 with Dr. Oscar Rodriguez of GTO Cigars. The trio discuss the interview and hit the highlights while adding their opinions and expanding on topics talked about by Dr. Rodriguez. This includes “coming out of the hole and smelling for vagina,” flavored cigars, short filler, and the FDA. While we try to stay away from discussing politics, this discussion definitely touched on it.

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2 comments on “07 Clear the Air: A Simply Stogies After Show

  1. The show was great and this is just as good as a follow up.

    1. James Giehm says:

      We appreciate the kind words and support!

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