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A cigar journey.

Episode 74: Christopher Moore of Carolina Blue Cigars

Small Batch Cigar

I am joined via Zoom by Christopher Moore, owner and founder of Carolina Blue Cigars. Christopher calls in from a cigar lounge (I apologize for the audio quality and background noise) to talk about his brand Carolina Blue Cigars. We discuss how his 30yrs in the military impacted his blending process, as well as how cigars in the military brought his fellow soldiers together. We talk about his vision for Carolina Blue, where he sees it in the next few years, and the challenges of a boutique cigar manufacturer. This leads us into a discussion around the TPE and PCA, the differences between the two, how boutique cigar companies may have to choose between them, and how Christopher would rather market directly to consumers.


To order Carolina Blue Cigars and taste the difference, visit Carolina Blue Cigars’ website or order from Oxford Cigar Company.

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