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A cigar journey.

Episode 56: On the Patio with Giannis of the Vintage CLT

Small Batch Cigar

I sit down with Giannis Koutsoupias, the Director of Business Development for the Vintage Whiskey and Cigar Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, on the patio at the Vintage. We talk about Giannis’ cigar journey, the lessons learned from his time in the restaurant and hospitality sector, the friends he made in the cigar industry, and his shared vision for the Vintage with Dan the owner. Giannis and I discuss how they curated their humidor, the blending process for the house stick (made by Nick Syris of LH Premium Cigars), and the relationships that he has made.

When you’re in the Charlotte area, the Vintage Whiskey and Cigar Bar is the place to visit, at 215 E Worthington Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203 . They have a wide range of whiskeys, scotch, wine, port, and a great cup of coffee. The staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable, and they have a great space in a wonderful neighborhood. Tell ’em Simply Stogies sent you!

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