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A cigar journey.

Episode 63: Smoking with the Evil 3mpire Cigar 5ociety

Small Batch Cigar

I sit down with Joe from Evil 3mpire Cigar 5ociety at Prime Cigars in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Joe and I have a great conversation that covers a wide array of topics. We get to know Joe and how he started his cigar journey before getting to know what the Evil 3mpire Cigar 5ociety is all about. Joe explains their focus on those in and around the cigar industry, how they got started, and what’s next for the E3C5. Joe and I also discuss Instagram “influencers” and what it means to be an “influencer,” the politics of the cigar industry, if we should be involved in those politics and how, and we talk about the cigar community. Joe also shares with us upcoming projects. It was a great conversation that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.


You can follow Evil 3mpire Cigar 5ociety on Instagram here.

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