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A cigar journey.

Episode 67: The Cuba Episode with Nick Syris of LH Premium Cigars

Small Batch Cigar

I welcome Nick Syris, the owner and Master Blender of LH Premium Cigars and a Subject Matter Expert on all things Cuban cigars, to the show. Nick and I run the gamut of Cuban cigars, as we discuss the U.S. embargo on Cuba and some of the effects on the Cuban people, the changing U.S. stance on Cuba from administration to administration, some of the challenges Cuban cigars face, how the rest of the world views Cubans and “New World” cigars, what Cuban cigars might look like in a post-embargo world, and what is currently allowed and not allowed under the Biden administration. Nick is a wealth of knowledge about Cuban cigars. Over the last 12yrs Nick has visited Cuba countless times and has worked hard to create a bridge cigar in his LH Premium Cigar lines.


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