Simply Stogies Podcast

Hosted ByJames Giehm

A cigar journey.

Episode 88: Janus Coffee Roasters

Small Batch Cigar

In a simulcast with Simply Stogies Presents: Cigars & Coffee, James welcomes his co-host from Cigars & Coffee (Timothy Allen) back to the podcast. They also welcome Shad and Shea Bates of Janus Coffee Roasters to the show.

We talk with them about their cigar journeys, how Janus Tobak started, and their first foray into coffee roasting. Part two we dive into how Janus Coffee Roasters was started, their process and creativity, “coffee for a cause,” and some of the mistakes people make while making their coffee at home.

Plus, we announce the launch of our own coffee blend from Janus Coffee Roasters: the Simply Stogies Podcast blend! It’s a 3 bean dark roast that is full body.  Simply Stogies has has notes of earth, nuts, cocoa, hints of caramel.   This blend and roast has relatively low acidity and can be enjoyed no matter your brewing choice.

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