BAMF Cigars

03 Clear the Air: The Simply Stogies After Show

Tim and James cover Episode 98 of Simply Stogies Podcast. James smokes the Don Olivan Intercontinental and talks about have Ish Olivan on the podcast. We talk about BAMF Cigars‘ use of different tobaccos and why others should follow in their footsteps. James gives his thoughts on Ish and BAMF Cigars while Tim struggles to…

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Episode 98: Ish Olivan & BAMF Cigars

James and Nick welcome Ismael “Ish” Olivan, owner of BAMF Cigars and part of owner of Rodriguez Olivan Cigars Facotry, to the show. We talk to Ish about how he started his cigar journey and find out what he thinks the differences between the European cigar market and the American cigar market are. Ish tells…

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