Glynn Loope

Episode 70: PCA Legislative Update with Josh Habursky and Glynne Loope

I am joined via Zoom by the PCA’s Head of Government Affairs, Joshua Habursky, and State Advocacy Director, Glynn Loope. We take a look back at the legislative victories of 2021 and then look forward to the legislative fights coming in 2022. We discuss the how the PCA approaches the Federal Government fights, and the…

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Episode 32: Catching Up with Glynn Loope

I get to catch up with the Executive Director of the Cigar Rights of America, Glynn Loope. We discuss how COVID-19 has impacted cigar retailers and manufacturers, the government’s response, and the current fight against regulation and why it’s so important given the global pandemic. We also discuss the cigar industry as a whole, we…

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Episode 3: The Cigar Rights of America

James welcomes the executive director of the Cigar Rights of America, Glynn Loope, and one of the CRA Ambassadors for the state of Iowa, Timothy Allen, to Simply Stogies. They discuss what the Cigar Rights of America does, how the FDA is trying to regulate the premium cigar industry, how the CRA is pushing back…

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