Jose Blanco

19 Clear the Air: A Simply Stogies After Show

Tim brings James and Nick back to the mic to discuss the latest episode of Simply Stogies Podcast with guest Nick Mellilo of Foundation Cigars. The trio discuss boutique cigars, the rising costs, the inevitable Simply Stogies cigar of the year list and much more. [arve url=”” /]

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18 Clear the Air: A Simply Stogies After Show

Tim calls the hosts of Simply Stogies Podcast, Nick and James, back to the microphones to discuss Episode 113: Jose Blanco. The trio expand on some of the topics touched on in Episode 113. Should you retrohale? Where do the thirds of cigars come from? Are cigar reviews helpful? The topic then turns to cigar…

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Episode 113: Jose Blanco

James and Nick welcome cigar industry legend, Jose Blanco to the show. The trio discuss what cigar smokers should know and why they should know it, we take a look at how Jose got started in the industry, and how he started with Arturo Fuente. Jose Blanco is a wealth of knowledge and we are…

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