The Team

The Team

From news and reviews, to interviews with cigar industry insiders, to the latest in products and innovation in the cigar industry; we here at are dedicated to bringing you the best possible content. 

James Giehm

Admin/Podcast/Social Media/Discord

James is a podcaster from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and has been podcasting for over ten years. James began his cigar journey in 2018.

Timothy Allen

Admin/Project CY

Tim is an Active Duty National Guardsman and a Cigar Rights of America Ambassador for the state of Iowa. Tim began his cigar journey in 2008.

Wonho Frank Lee


Frank is a freelance photographer from LA. He smoked his very first premium cigar in 2017 and has gotten serious about the hobby since.

David Howell

Reviews/Foreign Cigar Correspondent

David is an Active Duty member in the US Air Force. he smoked his first cigar in 2005 and has been on a serious cigar journey since 2010.

Matthew Kang

Content Director/Editor/Writer

Matthew has been the editor of an LA-based restaurant and dining publication since 2014. He’s enjoyed cigars since 2009, smoking on sidewalks everywhere from Lisbon, Portugal and Paris, France to lounges in Phuket, Thailand and Tokyo’s famed Maduro jazz club.