The Team

From news and reviews, to interviews with cigar industry insiders, to the latest in products and innovation in the cigar industry; we here at are dedicated to bringing you the best possible content. 

James Giehm

Admin/Podcast/Cigars & Coffee/Social Media/Discord

James is a podcaster from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and has been podcasting for over ten years. James began his cigar journey in 2018.

Timothy Allen

Admin/Project CY/Cigars & Coffee

Tim is an Active Duty National Guardsman and a Cigar Rights of America Ambassador for the state of Iowa. Tim began his cigar journey in 2008.

David Howell

Reviews/Foreign Cigar Correspondent

David is an Active Duty member in the US Air Force. He smoked his first cigar in 2005 and has been on a serious cigar journey since 2010.

Michael Gouge

Pipe Tobacco Reviews

Michael is a mechanical engineer living in Central Pennsylvania. He started pipes in 2014 and almost immediately began writing pipe tobacco reviews.

Greg Hentz


Greg is a cigar enthusiast from Atlanta. He started smoking cigars in 2017, but 2021 allowed time to grow his hobby into a new passion. Follow Greg as he takes you through his cigar journey.

Giannis Koutsoupias


Bio coming Soon.

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