Cigar Review: Chogüí Dos77 Rogusto Extra (2022)

Chogüí Cigars is one of those “IYKYK” (if you know, you know) cigar brands. Chogüí Cigars is, as Jeremy Casdagli would say, “Boutique as fuck.” So boutique, that I couldn’t find what factory rolls the Chogüí brand. In fact, there’s not a lot out there. The Chogüí website just adds to this mystique, as it sports what appears to be an old brand logo and that’s all. One thing that I know for sure is that cigar enthusiasts who know, share their love for the Chogüí brand.

And while the factory may be a secret, what’s inside the Dos77 isn’t – and it’s changed since it was first introduced in 2015. Victor Nicolás, owner of Chogüí Cigars, had this to say about this iteration of the Dos77 blend, “Unable to source the original leaf, I went back to the blending table and got to work. We added an original Sun Grown Corojo wrapper and adjusted the filler to include 2 new varietals of tobacco. This includes the unique and prized Medio Tiempo priming, adding abundant depth and complexity to the cigars soul.”


VITOLA:   Rogusto Extra
SIZE:   5-1/2″ x 50

ORIGIN:   Dominican Republic
FACTORY:   Undisclosed

WRAPPER:   Sun Grown Corojo Original
BINDER:   Dominican Republic
FILLER:   Havano 2020, Havana Vuelta Abajo (HVA), Piloto Mejorado (Medio Tiempo), and Corojo Original

STRENGTH:   Medium

Oxford Cigar Company


The garage and the deck.

May 1 @1:00pm

Ice Mountain bottled water.

60° & 60% humidity



RELEASE TYPE  Limited Release


Typical Box Size:     Boxes of 20
Production Totals:  1000 boxes of 20

o  Robusto Extra  (5-1/2″ x 50)


The band is certainly eye-catching. Orange, white, and black; adorned with brand logo and name in the midddle; the name of the cigar (Dos77) on one side; and where it was made on the other. The inside of the band has “#fearthefuckingbird” written on it, which I’m guessing is their slogan? It’s a sharp looking band and will garner attention in a humidor. 



The Sun Grown Corojo Original wrapper is rough to the touch and toothy. More dry than oily, though you can find a few pockets of oil if you look close enough. Mostly near the veins that crisscross the length of the cigar. The Dos77 is a thing of beauty; not quite rustic, but nowhere near flawless. The cap appears to be expertly applied.


The wrapper gives off a wonderful hay smell, while the foot adds a fruity/herbal dimension. It’s not quite rich enough to be raisins or fig, but it has just enough of a dough note to be reminiscent of fig newtons.


The draw was a bit on the open side on the first one I smoked. The subsequent cigars had an almost perfect draw. Just a hint of fruit and baking spices come through on the cold draw. The sweetness from the fruit is nice, and mixes well with the notes of freshly cut grass and a musty earthiness.


Cut: Les Fines Lames LE PETITE cigar knife
Fire: Oxford Matte Black Double Flint Lighter

Baking spices and black pepper immediately jump out at me off the light. It’s not off-putting, but it is dominant. There’s a slight fruity sweetness on the finish, followed by a burnt toast note. Peanuts and cashews are hiding in-between the other notes.


The smoke is thick and creamy with each draw. At rest, thin wisps of smoke slowly flow from the foot.

>> Wood, Baking Spices, White Pepper

A wood note sets the pace, accompanied by notes of nuts and semi-sweet chocolate. White pepper on the retrohale, pleasantly stings my nostrils. The smoke is creamy, yet it leaves my mouth slightly dry. The burn line is just short of perfect and the ash is compact and gorgeous. Grey with pockets of black streaks running throughout. A hint of salt seems to make the chocolate note more rich and vibrant. There’s a spiciness to the Dos77 that plays opposite the sweetness; while the sweetness plays off the bitterness of the wood. A touch of baking spices begin to reveal themselves, and reminds me of cinnamon bread.
*NOTE The second cigar that I smoked was smoked outside on the deck. The wind was terrible, but I thought it’d make for better pictures. All it did was mess with the burn and ash.

>> Wood, Citrus, Cream

The ash is still holding as we begin the second third of the Dos77. Black pepper on the retrohale. Notes of wood, coffee, and baking spices begin this middle third. There is an element of fresh baked bread that has morphed from the nuttiness of the first third. Cream and mushroom add their voices. The ash finally falls to the tray and holds it shape. The burn line is exemplary. The flavors are nuanced and complex, but not so different from the first third. I don’t see this as a bad thing, because the Dos77 is anything but boring. It’s delicious. A note of citrus starts to brighten the flavor profile. I am thoroughly enjoying everything the Dos77 has to offer. The chocolate returns, but more sweet than before. The wood note is still setting the pace. The burn line goes just slightly wonky, but I simply do not care. The flavors have my full attention. The spiciness begins to ramp up, tingling my tongue and scratching at my throat. The ash is compact and not at all flakey. The Dos77 is a work of art.

>> Bread, Wood, White Pepper

The final third begins with a bread note. The woodiness is still there, but the bread note lingers on my palate. White pepper on the retrohale. A hint of sweetness on the finish. An espresso note shows up. The citrus is back and brightening up the rich flavors. There’s a hint of fruit that begins coming through. Black pepper on the retrohale now. Just a pinch of baking spices. Charred wood,  but it’s a very pleasant taste with the espresso and notes of baking spices. The Dos77 is firmly a medium boldness. There’s a nice buttery finish to this final third that is just exquisite.



The Chogüi Cigars Dos77 starts with a wood forward profile and ends with a wood forward profile. Along the way there are notes of chocolate, espresso, coffee, baking spices, pepper, fruit, citrus, bread, and mushroom. The thirds differ in the nuanced flavors that are presented, but each third is similar in their wood forward approach. At times, the Dos77 is a cream and mushroom masterpiece, while others it’s a rich, chocolate dessert. And it all works. It flows with each other and never overwhelms you. The Dos77 allows you to experience all it has to offer.


The burn on 3 of the 4 cigars smoked for this review were outstanding. The wind really wreaked havoc with one of them and, of course, it was the one that I wanted to use for pictures. Such is life. Regardless, the Chogüi Cigars Dos77 required no touch ups and no relights. It was as effortless smoke as I can remember.

0.70 / 0.80 … Craft & Aesthetic
0.40 / 0.50 … Pre-Light Characteristics
0.50 / 0.50 … Lighting Process
7.25 / 7.70 … Smoking Experience
0.50 / 0.50 … Personal Enjoyment



Honestly, this is the first cigar I’ve reviewed that I wanted to smoke 4 of. It was that good. The Dos77 has lived up to the hype that surrounds what Chogüi Cigars puts out. My concern going into this review was the Piloto Mejorado (Medio Tiempo) leaf. I know that aficionados and enthusiasts go crazy for the rare leaf. In my experience, however, the Medio Tiempo can overwhelm the blend and up its intensity. That wasn’t the case with the Dos77. The intensity was firmly a medium throughout the cigar experience. The Chogüi Cigars Dos77 is a cigar you must try before the cigar is gone!


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