Simply Stogies Podcast

Simply Stogies is a podcast for the cigar enthusiast and the veteran cigar aficionado. Join James on his journey through the world of cigars as he covers a variety of topics that are important to cigar smokers. Cigar and cigar accessory reviews, cigar news, reviews with those in the cigar industry, and discussions about all things premium cigars are all on the dockett.  Sit back, relax, light up a stogie, and enjoy the show.

Episode 5: The Eastern Iowa Cigar Appreciation Society

For this episode, James goes on location to the Walker Homestead in Iowa City, Iowa to interview a couple of the founding members of the Eastern Iowa Cigar Appreciation Society. Keith Chiavetta and Doug Wagner sit down with James to discuss what it means to be a local cigar club, what it means to interact...

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Episode 4: Guardian of the Farm

James reviews Guardian of the Farm Apollo, a collaborative effort between Warped and Casa Fernandez. James also announces Simply Stogies is now available on iHeart Radio, as well as Simply Stogies first contest! Make sure to listen for details.

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Episode 3: The Cigar Rights of America

James welcomes the executive director of the Cigar Rights of America, Glynn Loope, and one of the CRA Ambassadors for the state of Iowa, Timothy Allen, to Simply Stogies. They discuss what the Cigar Rights of America does, how the FDA is trying to regulate the premium cigar industry, how the CRA is pushing back...

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Episode 2: A Short Story

For Episode 2, James discusses the proper storage and humidification of cigar, and also reviews the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story. James tells you about his journey through cigar storage and humidification, while also giving you the very basics of what you need to know. James briefly touches on the “mold v plume” debate and...

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Episode 1: The Journey

For the inaugural episode of Simply Stogies, James takes you along on how his journey through the world of cigar smoking. He recalls his decision to begin cigar smoking, the first few cigars he tried, and how his collection has grown. James has something for both new cigar smokers and veteran aficionados for his very...

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