Micallef Cigars Releases “Ultimate Inventory” Program for Select Brick and Mortar Partners


The very first promise Micallef Cigars made in their open letter to the cigar industry, was to make brick and mortar cigar shops their “emphasis;” that includes in the middle of a global pandemic. This week, Micallef announced one way they’re putting that “emphasis” on brick and mortar shops with their “Ultimate Inventory” program, to help during the COVID-19 quarantine.

The “Ultimate Inventory” allows the program members to sell any box or bundle toa customer, and Micallef Cigars then drop ships the product directly to the customer. This allows the brick and mortar shop to always tell the customer “Yes” without having to actually carry the inventory or pack and ship the cigars themselves. 

Dan Thompson, President of Micallef Cigars, said, “The Micallef Partner Program deepens our business relationship with brick and mortar retailers. The first benefit we are activating today, “Ultimate Inventory,” is a real win-win solution for our partners during a time of uncertainty and crisis. We are transparent in communicating with the Precium Cigar Industry our goals and promises. We intend to become one of the preferred manufacturers serving B&Ms with innovative solutions, quality products, and expectational value. We are here for the long run and are working hard every day to earn the trust and confidence of consumers and business partners.”

What is striking about this announcement is that “Ultimate Inventory” was meant to be part of a larger rollout; however, due to the current economic uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, Micallef decided to release this benefit to select retail partners early.

“Being a business owner is tremendous pressure; you’ve made commitments, you are responsible for the security and stability of your team. I understand and feel what our brick and mortar retail partners are facing. I couldn’t standby at a time like this. If we can be a small part of helping our partners survive today’s challenges, you better believer we’re going to do it,” said founder of Micallef Cigars, Al Micallef. 

Amanda Micallef, VP of Marketing, said, “‘Ultimate Inventory’ is a great benefit not only for our retailers, but our Ambassadors will love it, too. Our Micallef Ambassadors are the heart of our consumer base…we will always honor them and never take them for granted. During these awkward times, we are doubling our efforts to better connect collaborate, and provide content they will enjoy.” In episode 27 (out April 1), I talk with Dan Thompson about these very things. They are currently running “Micallef Madness” in their Ambassador Facebook group, “Off the Record” with those in and around the industry, and chats with Micallef staff. 

Micallef will update their website as new retail partners join the program.