Simply Stogies Presents: Cigars and Coffee

Hosted ByJames and Tim

Simply Stogies is a podcast for the cigar enthusiast and the veteran cigar aficionado. Join James on his journey through the world of cigars as he covers a variety of topics that are important to cigar smokers. Cigar and cigar accessory reviews, cigar news, reviews with those in the cigar industry, and discussions about all things premium cigars are all on the dockett.  Sit back, relax, light up a stogie, and enjoy the show.

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Cigars and Coffee Episode 3: Drive-Thru Coffee and Cuban Cigars

James and Tim discuss Cuban cigars while drinking drive-thru coffee. Tim bemoans ordering food through a drive-thru and James complains about the show’s budget before discussing if fast-food/drive-thru coffee...

Cigars and Coffee: Episode 2 – Reviewer Introducing David Howell

James and Tim welcome the brand new cigar reviewer for, David Howell. They discuss David’s cigar journey, his approach to reviews, Cuban cigars, and of course, coffee.

Cigars and Coffee: Episode 1

For the inaugural episode of Cigars and Coffee, James and Tim explain the premise of the show, share their cigar and coffee journeys, and talk about what they’re smoking...