Andy Yaffee

Episode 81: Bonus at My Old Kentucky Herf

For this bonus episode, I chat with Luciano Meirelles of Ace Prime Cigars, Andy Yaffee of Micallef Cigars, Oscar Valladares of Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co, Nick Syris of LH Cigars, Greg Free of Fuerte y Libre Cigars, and Dwight Adkins of FatAsh Cigar Lounge and My Old Kentucky Herf. We find out why Dwight…

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Episode 31: Zooming with Andy Yaffee of Micallef Cigars

I sat down, via Zoom, with Andy Yaffe, National Sales Director for Micallef Cigars. Andy tells the story of how his cigar journey began, how he came to in the cigar industry, and the friendships he has made. Andy and I then have a frank discussion on the impact COVID-19 has had on local B&Ms,…

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