Cafe Bustelo

Cigars and Coffee Episode 25: CAO America Potomac and Cafe Bustelo

Tim kicks off our new weekly Cigars & Coffee format where we focus on the reviewing the cigar and the coffee we’re drinking. The inaugural episode in this format sees Tim reviewing the CAO America Potomac and Cafe Bustelo. Tim walks you through his CAO America cigar experience and drinks some Cafe Bustelo. If you…

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Cigars and Coffee Episode 16: CAO Mortal Coil and Cafe Bustelo

James and Tim are at David’s Fine Tobaccos in Clive, Iowa and take the CAO Mortal Coil through its paces while sipping some Cafe Bustelo Coffee. The pair discuss a new show on the Creative Brain Candy Media Cooperative, how we carry our cigar accessories, the cigar industry’s use of social media, and our thoughts…

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