Cigar Tasting

Episode 14: AMA w/Nick Melillo of Foundation Cigars

I get the opportunity to sit down and chat with Nick Melillo, master blender, and founder of Foundation Cigars for a AMA/Virtual Cut & Light via Zoom Meeting. We had a fantastic conversation about Nick’s cigar journey, how he got started, what he’s learned, and where he’s going. We discussed a slew of topics…

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Episode 11: Cuban Introduction

I return to my journey and how I came to know the famous Cuban cigar. The Cuban cigar has mystery, romanticism, and maybe a bit of a taboo air that surrounds it. Is the Cuban cigar hype? What issues surround the Cuban cigar for someone living in America? Can you easily get your hands on…

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Episode 7: An Interview with Vlad from Casdagli Cigars

I sit down with Global Ambassador for Casdagli Cigars, Vlada Stojanov. I join Vlad at The Clayton in downtown Chicago, where we discuss the name change from Bespoke to Casdagli, the Casdagli lines of cigars, what the future holds for Casdagli, and I pick the brain of a¬†sommelier on how to develop your palate. It’s…

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