Oscar Valladares

Episode 81: Bonus at My Old Kentucky Herf

For this bonus episode, I chat with Luciano Meirelles of Ace Prime Cigars, Andy Yaffee of Micallef Cigars, Oscar Valladares of Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co, Nick Syris of LH Cigars, Greg Free of Fuerte y Libre Cigars, and Dwight Adkins of FatAsh Cigar Lounge and My Old Kentucky Herf. We find out why Dwight…

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Cigars and Coffee Episode 49: Island Jim and Trader Joe

Jim and Joe walk into a bar and only one comes out. That’s where the joke ends. Tim brings you another episode of Cigars & Coffee where he smokes the Island Jim by Oscar and samples “Joe” coffee presented by Trader Joes. Get 15% of your entire purchase at http://oxfordcigarcompany.com by using the code simplystogies….

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Cigars and Coffee Episode 47: The McFly and Janus Coffee Roasters Dark Roast

James returns to Habano Cigar Lounge in Davenport, Iowa to smoke and review the Oscar Valladares McFly and drink Janus Coffee Roaster’s Dark Roast. You can now sign up for a Coffee of the Month Club at https://www.januscoffeeroasters.com/

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