Toscano Cigars

08 Clear the Air: A Simply Stogies After Show

Tim welcomes James and Nick back to Clear the Air and the trio talk a little bit about everything. The trio discusses Simply Stogies Podcast Episodes 102 & 103, the interview with Zev Kaminetsky of Toscano and the My Old Kentucky Herf interviews.. Starting with Zev, the conversation starts to get political before pulling back…

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Episode 102: Zoom with Zev

Nick and James are joined by Zev Kaminetsky of Toscano Cigars. We get Zev’s take on a litany of cigar issues: brokers, manufacturers, the PCA, the CRA, and cigar media. Zev doesn’t hold back and has hilarious takes on the cigar industry as a whole. We enjoyed his perspective and the conversation; we hope you…

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