William Cigar Coop Cooper

10 Clear the Air: A Simply Stogies After Show

Tim is joined by Nick and James and the trio dissect the latest Simply Stogies Podcast episode that features William “Cigar Coop” Cooper. There’s a lot of talk around what is “cigar media” and what isn’t. Who should be allowed to cover the trade show? What’s an influencer? What is the “job” of cigar media?…

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Episode 105: Cigar Coop on Media & the PCA Trade Show

James and Nick welcome William “Cigar Coop” Cooper back to the show. This time we pick Coop’s brain about what exactly constitutes “cigar media” and their role in the industry. We also discuss the upcoming PCA 2023 Trade Show in Las Vegas, Coop tells us what his theme is this year, and he gives Simply…

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