XhaXhi Bobi

Episode 85: PCA Trade Show 2022 Part 1

James takes to the PCA 2022 Trade Show floor to interview Jeremy Casdagli of Casdagli Cigars, Uncle Bobi of XhaXhi Bobi Cigars, Dr. Stephan Lampert of Lampert Cigars, and Luis Falto of Falto Cigars. With James battling COVID he picked up as he was leaving Las Vegas, it falls to Tim to close this episode…

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Episode 46: Cigar Aficionado and Short Cigars

I give you my shortened opinion on the Cigar Aficionado Top 25 of 2020 list, why I think it is not a true list of the top cigars of 2020, and why we do not have advertisers or sponsors for the show and website. I then give you my list of Top 10 short cigars…

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