The 2020 Simply Stogies Holiday Gift Guide for Cigar Lovers

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‘Tis the season to start thinking about what to get your tobacco enthusiast friends and family for the holidays. Buying for that special cigar or pipe enthusiast is never easy. This year, Simply Stogies is here to help. Whether it’s a custom whiskey glass, a branded cigar cutter, or a brand new pipe, we’ve got you covered. Our staff has put together a list that will make any cigar or pipe tobacco enthusiast jump for joy on Christmas morning. 

Frank's Picks

Project Carbon – CF Series – Red Carbon Fiber Cigar Travel Case
Project Carbon cigar travel cases ooze luxury. Their products are always of the highest quality and are as sexy as they come. The Red Carbon Fiber cigar travel case is no different. “Made with PU material with a 2×2 twill carbon design, this case will have texture you can see and feel that reflects light. The front and back of the case features a semi hard yet flexible insert for added protection and also the front pocket where the cigars are kept.” This is the perfect gift for the stylish cigar smoker.

NewAir – 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor Wineador

The NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor Wineador is a cigar enthusiast’s dream. This thermo-electric “wineador” can be set between 52 and 74F, holds up to 250 cigars, features a lock to protect your collection, and removeable Spanish cedar trays and drawer. Whether you’re gifting this to a brand new enthusiast or experienced cigar aficionado, this is a gift that will be used for years to come.

PerfecDraw Precision Cigar Draw Tool

The PerfecDraw Precision Cigar Draw Tool is a must have in any cigar aficionado’s tool set. There is nothing worse than cutting your cigar and not being able to draw air through it. The PerfecDraw Precision Cigar Draw Tool makes opening up the draw on any plugged cigar a breeze. The point tip of the tool allows it to double as a cigar nubber, when the cigar gets too hot to hold.

James's Picks

Les Fines Lames – Le Petit – Compass – Cuba Ziricote Cutter

Les Fines Lames produces elegant cigar knives at luxury prices. The Le Petit Compass series sports a unique design that makes cutting your cigar a pleasure. And what better way to recognize the most celebrated cigars in the world, than with a map of Cuba on the Compass Cuba Ziricote blade. This work of art is a must have for the cigar aficionado in your life. 

S.T. Dupont Maxi Jet Black and Red Gift Box Set

The epitome of luxury, S.T. Dupont products should be in every cigar enthusiasts arsenal of tools. This Maxi Jet Black and Red gift box set includes a Maxi Jet lighter and matching guillotine cutter. This box set will let the cigar aficionado in your life know that you truly care.

Padron Family Reserve Crystal Ashtray

Padron is a name synonymous with cigars around the world, and this Padron Family Reserve crystal ashtray would make the perfect gift for any Padron fan. This 7-5/8″ by 7-5/8″ crystal ashtray has four cigar rests and the Padron logo displayed on the bottom. It will make the perfect addition to any cigar enthusiast’s accessory collection.

Project Carbon – The Stand

There is a reason that Project Carbon has made this list twice: Quality. The Stand is made of aluminum and is powder coated in matte black. This stylish and functional cigar stands weighs 1.6oz and stands 1.5″ tall. This is the gift for the cigar enthusiast who has everything. It is a product that will see use every time they enjoy a cigar. Plus, it takes great pics for their Instagram account.

Simply Stogies Swag

What better gifts are there for the Simply Stogies fan in your life? The answer is, there isn’t. Show everyone that you’re a fan of the Simply Stogies Podcast and by giving the gift of gear. From t-shirts to polos, sweatshirts to hats, and coffee mugs to backpacks Simply Stogies gear makes the perfect holiday gift. 

Matthew's Picks

Oliva Chocolate Brown Ashtray 

Form and function meet with this Oliva branded ashtray. A great way to show you’re a fan of Oliva cigars. This chocolate brown ashtray with gold accents makes the perfect gift for the cigar enthusiast in your life who enjoys cigars with friends. With four cigar rests, they will be proud to share their passion for the hobby with their friends for years to come.

Xikar Envoy Black Triple Cigar Case

Every cigar enthusiast needs a travel case, and Xikar’s Envoy Black Triple cigar case more than fits the bill. Why? Because sometimes one cigar just isn’t enough. This stylish case that features armada leather and cross stitching offers protection for up to three cigars. The perfect gift for the cigar aficionado on the go.

Umami Mart – Hard Strong Diamond Cut Rocks Glass Set

There is nothing better than pairing your cigar with a delicious adult beverage of your choice. So why not do that in style? These Hard Strong Diamond Cut Rocks Glasses allow your cigar and adult beverage enthusiast to do just that. This set of six features Umami Mart’s most popular diamond cut style and glass hardening technology. Durable, dishwasher safe, and stylish? Your cigar and adult beverage enthusiast will thank you.

Colibri – V Cut Cigar Cutter

The v-cut has become increasingly popular among cigar enthusiasts and aficionados in recent years. The Colibri V Cut cigar cutter makes sure that the cigar enthusiast in your life will be v-cutting in style for years to come. Made from stainless steel and contoured to make every cut comfortable and accurate, the Colibri V-Cut comes in a wide variety of colors that ensure that it will stand out in a crowd.

David's Picks

Sotelo – The Connoisseur 5 Cigar Leather Travel Case (Black w/Red Stitching and Inlay)

“Because quality matters.” That is the philosophy at Sotelo, and The Connoisseur leather travel case embodies that. Timeless. Classic. The Connoisseur uses “HUMI FRESH” technology to keep your cigars tasting fresh everyday. With room for five cigars and several accessories, the cigar enthusiast in your life will get a lot of use from The Connoisseur from Sotelo.

Custom Engraved Glencairn Whisky Glass

There may not be a better pairing than cigars and whisky, and the best way to enjoy a nice glass of whisky is from a Glencairn whisky glass. Why not customize a Glencairn for that whisky connoisseur in your life? This custom engraved Glencairn whisky glass is the perfect pairing with their favorite whisky and cigar.

Fanelli Cigar Rest & Bottle Opener

A cigar rest, on its own, is stylish and classy. This Fanelli Cigar Rest & Bottle Opener is where form meets function meets practicality. This cigar rest can easily open bottles and go right back to holding a cigar. It is truly an amazing time in which we live! The beer and cigar enthusiast in your life will be very happy this holiday season.

Michael's Picks

Saveinelli – Saint Nicholos 2020 Tobacco Pipes

With an understated elegance and boasting Savinelli’s excellent construction, the 2020 St. Nicholas Pipe would be a welcome addition to any pipe smoker’s collection. The hand carved rustication and thick Italian briar promises a cool, flavorful smoke, while the gold, red, and white tones gives it just a hint of Holiday flair.

8Deco Tampers

8Deco makes a variety of high quality but fairly priced tampers to upgrade one’s smoking experience. These come in a wide enough variety of colors and styles it will be easy to find one to fit the pipe smoker in your life.
Vermont Freehand Forever Stem to upgrade you Corncob pipe

Vermont Freehand Forever Stems

Vermont Freehand makes high quality acrylic stems in 8 different styles and 34 different color options that fit any Missouri Meerschaum Corncob pipe. Forever stems are hardier than the stock corncob stems, and can be used to match the aesthetic preferences of your favorite pipe smoker, from elegant amber or ivory tones, to vibrant and deep colors.

Lepeltier Clay Pipe

Clay pipes provide some of the cleanest, purest smokes which allow for the subtleties of nuanced blends to come through that would otherwise be masked smoking from a briar or corncob pipe. The Lepeltier clay pipes have the advantage over the traditional 15th century clay pipe with the addition of vulcanite stems. These come in three different shapes and in dozens of different styles, from solid tones, to woodland scenes, and a line celebrating each of the branches of the US Military.

Tim's Picks

Breckenridge Spiced Whiskey – Breckenridge Distillery, Breckenridge, CO

Don’t stop with just a fancy set of Rocks Glasses, make sure you select the perfect spirit to fill them with. Breckenridge Spiced Whiskey is the perfect spirit to enjoy during the cold winter months, especially while sitting right next to the fire. With notes of cinnamon, allspice, caramel and vanilla, Breckenridge Spiced Whiskey will be sure to keep you warm on the inside wherever you are enjoying your cigar.

Janus Coffee, Cuban Blend 

For the cigar aficionado who likes to enjoy coffee with their cigar in the morning there’s the Cuban Coffee Blend from Janus Coffee Roasters. The Cuban Blend is a unique mixture of coffee beans from Brazil, India and Nicaragua that is absolutely amazing. At Simply Stogies Podcast, we have only been able to sample a few of the blends offered by Janus Coffee, but we have been blown away by what we have tasted.

Pupperdor Humidors

No kickbacks here! We keep the banner in the footer of our page because we believe in what they are doing. Offering high quality humidors that just work! Pupperdor Humidors are perfect for the afficianado who just wants to keep their cigars protected in a practical manner! It’s not always about showing off.

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