LFD Going to PCA Trade Show 2020

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LFD Announces Their Participation in PCA 2020

As I stated yesterday, we are going to see more of these. Ever since the news hit that Altadis, Davidoff, Drew Estate, and General Cigar Co. were not going to the PCA trade show this year, the cigar industry has been a bit on pins and needles. It seems that every manufacturer, retailer, and distributor need to make their intentions known. La Flor Dominicana is no different.

In a press release this afternoon, Litto Gomez, owner of LFD, made it clear that they would be attending the PCA trade show this year. “This event has been instrumental in the success of our company. It is where we
began to build our history, it is where we first forged friendships with so many
people from across our industry that we love and respect, and it is where we
continue to nurture and grow those relationships…I look forward to the trade show as
an opportunity to spend time with the people that have given us so much support
for so many years.” He continued, “For this reason it makes me happy to announce that my family and the entire
LFD team will attend the PCA this year.”

This is great news for the industry and for those who plan to attend the show. Getting face time with the likes of Litto Gomez, is not something that every retailer get the opportunity to have. The PCA trade show helps smaller and out-of-the-way retailers get this much needed time.

What strikes me the most about this press release is that Litto seemingly agrees with what I had said in Episode 20, the infighting within the industry is not constructive while the specter of the FDA looms large. Lito explains, “… I cannot
ignore the sadness that overcomes me knowing that at this very moment we as an
industry are facing the worst enemy in our history. This enemy is not and should
not be among us, it is the FDA, and their intentions are clear; they want to
destroy us. It worries me that we find ourselves so divided in such difficult and
crucial times when unity is our only option for survival.”

Well said.