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Episode 100: Micallef Cigars’ Andy Yaffee

Small Batch Cigar

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James and Nick welcome our friend Andy Yaffee, the National Sales Director for Micallef Cigars, to the show. For our 100th episode, we ask Andy about the new sizes of the Micallef Leyenda that are releasing soon and what Andy has learned in his role as National Sales Director for Micallef. We talk about how Micallef pulled their product from large online retailers to not only support their brick and mortar retailers, but also how that helps combat devaluation. We ask Andy about why Micallef runs the business differently than other premium cigar companies and how that helps them build their brand. We discuss the change in dates for the PCA Trade Show next year, Micallef Ambassadors, and much more.


To join the Micallef Ambassador program, click here!

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  1. Gerard Derby says:

    Great Job Andy

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