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A cigar journey.

Episode 43: 2020 Holiday Gift Guide and Budget Cigar Reviews

Small Batch Cigar

I welcome our Content Director, Matthew Kang (Twitter¬†and Instagram), and our Photographer, Wonho Frank Lee (Instagram) to the show. The three of us go through our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide on and break down the gifts, why we chose particular products, and how they’ll help you land on the nice list of the special BotLs and SotLs in your life. We also discuss how to choose cigars as gifts and what we would want if given a box of cigars as gift this holiday season.

We round out the podcast by explaining our new Budget Cigar Review series. We believe that the sub $6.00 price point deserves to be graded on a scale, and we explain why there is a multiplier for the value found in budget cigars.

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