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Episode 78: The Cuban Sub-Series: Cuba Now

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James welcomes back co-host Nick Syris, a Master Blender and Cuban expert, to discuss his latest trip to Cuba. Is Cuba ready for tourism as the pandemic (hopefully) winds down? Nick talks about what he saw as he visited the island nation in April of 2022. From the changes in currency to the amount of inflation Cuba is now seeing, it does not bode well for those looking to travel to Cuba anytime soon. Nick discusses the ongoing exodus from Cuba and where they are all going, as well as how that won’t affect Cuban cigar production. It’s a very fresh look at a nation in the middle of a perfect storm of crippling inflation and effects of a 2yrs pandemic.


You can contact Nick Syris on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

7 comments on “Episode 78: The Cuban Sub-Series: Cuba Now

  1. Bob Carrigan says:

    Thank you for a most delightful education on the current events of Cuba. I was very impressed with the facts and hopes of the world events revolving around Cuban people and cigars. I had the pleasure of being in Nicks company and several others as we toured and smoked around Havana and Pinar Del Rio. Nick and his friends of Cuba allowed me an experience for 5 days that I will never forget. I just wanted to say thank you for an incredible interview that left me very happy. I look forward to hearing more of these talks and to myself returning to that wonderful place that will remain with me one of the most special times in my life.
    Bob Carrigan

    1. James Giehm says:

      Thank you so much for listening and for your comment. Nick is a wealth of information and, if I’m being honest, it’s fun to pick his brain when it comes to Cuba and cigars in general. We hope you enjoy the series, our other podcasts, and our reviews!

      Stay Smoky,

  2. Brian Bolen says:

    This podcast gave me an excellent insight into some of the challenges the people of Cuba and the country itself are currently facing. It is always good to find out what is going on in the world from real people who experience places as I would. Not sure if I really want to travel with Nick to Cuba for fear that the SSS classification may be extended as guild by association. (JK) LOL looking forward to the next episode to learn more about the history of Cuban cigars!

    1. James Giehm says:

      Thank you for listening and taking the time to comment! Nick certainly has an affinity for the people of Cuba and a passion for cigars. It’s a match made in heaven. Cuba has a long road ahead of it, and to better understand that we’re going to keep looking back. I think we all look forward to the day that Cuba becomes open for those of us in the US.

      Stay Smoky!

  3. Sherwin says:

    Replace the word Cuba with New York in the whole podcast and BOOM you guys are spot on…… in other news, I will be living in Cuba sometime in the future, one of the best Spanish places I’ve visited

    1. James Giehm says:

      While I haven’t been to New York, something tells me that it is far from Cuba…though, your point is taken. I’m looking forward to visiting Cuba sometime in the future. Thank you for listening and for the comment!

      Stay Smoky!

  4. dugout says:

    This article has given me a better understanding of the Cuban people, thank you mate

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