LH Cigars

Episode 59: The Journey with Nick Syris of LH Cigars

I talk, via Zoom, with Nick Syris of LH Cigars. We discuss his journey from an audio business to his life as a retailer and how he eventually started LH Cigars. Nick talks about what he’s learned and where LH Cigars is going in the future. We discuss the cigar industry, what it means to be…

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Cigar Review: The “Nick” Toro, by LH Cigars, Masterfully Blends a Unique Cigar Experience

Spurred by suggestions from his retailers, Master Blender Nick Syris came out with the “Nick” Toro .The  Toro is very similar to his “Nick and Jim” blend that he did with “Island” Jim Robinson. It uses the same wrapper, which happens to be Nick’s favorite, a  Ecuadorian Vuelta Abajo Seed and just different proportions of…

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Cigar Review: LH Premium Cigars Claro Toro

Nick Syris, Master Blender and owner of LH Premium Cigars, sees his cigars as “Cuban bridges.” Coming from anyone else that statement might shock, but Nick has the bona fides to back that up. He has made countless trips to Cuba, learned how to blend tobacco in Cuba, and the Claro does very well in…

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