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A cigar journey.

Episode 83: On a Zoom with John Laurendi of Peter James

Small Batch Cigar

I sit down, via Zoom with Peter James founder, John Laurendi. John and I discuss how he got into his cigars, and John shares with us his very first cigar experience. John tells us how Peter James came to be and the some of the obstacles that the company faced upon its inception. We then talk about his new cigar line, Los Estoico, that includes a Habano and a Maduro, his vision behind them, and how they were blended. John and I get into the weeds on coffee, before John talks about being an entrepreneur. Look for his podcast coming soon!!!

Peter James is a company that is synonymous with class, style, and luxury. They have a wide variety of high end products for any cigar aficionado or enthusiast. Check them out at

*NOTE: We did have some technical issues later in the podcast where some audio was lost due to signal degradation. It has been edited.