Peter James

Episode 86: PCA 2022 Trade Show Part 2

We continue our interviews from the PCA 2022 Trade Show floor with Rick Rodriguez of West Tampa Tobacco Co., Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne, John Laurendi of Peter James, Desiree Sylver of Drunk Chicken Cigars, Bradley Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars, and Dan Thompson of Micallef Cigars. There is a lot of great information on…

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PCA 2022: Peter James

James meets up with John Laurendi of Peter Jamea at the PCA 2022 Trade Show. Peter James is not so much a brand, as much as it is a lifestyle. From luxurious leather cigar travel cases to cologne and coffee and now, John introduces Peter James’ new line of cigars, Los Estoico, that you will…

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Episode 83: On a Zoom with John Laurendi of Peter James

I sit down, via Zoom with Peter James founder, John Laurendi. John and I discuss how he got into his cigars, and John shares with us his very first cigar experience. John tells us how Peter James came to be and the some of the obstacles that the company faced upon its inception. We then…

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