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A cigar journey.

Episode 93: The Cuban Sub-Series Finale with Nick Syris

Small Batch Cigar

We wrap up our Cuban Sub-Series with our friend, and new Simply Stogies Podcast host, Nick Syris of LH Cigars. Nick and I wrap up our sub-series in a nice big bow by giving you the latest news out of Cuba, and then spend a good amount of time discussing the current state of Cuban cigars: price increases, the impact of Hurricane Ian, what consumers can look forward to, and the future of Cuban cigars. We then talk about some myths and legends of Cuban cigars: Are they rolled on the thighs of virgins? What should you do when gifted a fake Cuban cigar? Should we consider the moral implications of supporting a Communist regime when purchasing Cuban cigars? Does Habanos SA use tobacco from other countries to help meet the demand of their cigars?

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