Caldwell Cigars

Cigar Review: Louis the Last from Caldwell Cigars

Released in 2022 Caldwell’s Crafted and Curated series acts as a creative outlet for Robert Caldwell, offering unique blending and sizing experimentation to discerning connoisseurs.  Some crafted and Curated cigars tweak existing Caldwell blends with different components or process, while others are entirely distinctive blends.  However, all are extremely limited in production and represent Robert’s…

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Cigars and Coffee Episode 37: Caldwell Savages Super Roth and Three Rivers Coffee Co 3AM Lift Assist

James returns to David’s Fine Tobaccos and pairs a Caldwell Savages Super Roth with Three Rivers Coffee Co’s 3AM Lift Assist. Three Rivers Coffee Company is a service-disabled and veteran owned and operated coffee company that gives back to their community, gives employment to veterans, and gives back to the community. The 3AM Lift Assist…

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