Mo Maali

Cigar Review: Patina Cigars’ Oro de Nicaragua Toro Extra

Mo Maali, owner of Patina Cigars, announced in February of 2024 that he was adding a new core line to Patina’s portfolio: The Oro de Nicaragua. Now, for those of you who have lived in Chicago, Oro de Nicaragua might sound familiar. In fact, that was the name of a line from My Father for…

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Episode 80: Patina Cigars’ Mo Maali

I sit down with Mo Maali, the man behind Patina Cigars. We talk about the behind-the-scenes of running a cigar company. Mo opens up about lanceros, limited edition, and tobacco availability. We discuss how he gets into new shops and how he knows if a shop is the right fit. We talk about the economy,…

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Top 10 Boutique Cigar Companies You Must Try

What is a boutique cigar? That question has been asked by aficionados and enthusiasts for years causing much debate within the community. Definitions of what makes a cigar brand boutique include: Brands who do not own their own factory, brands who only produce lines in small batches, and even cigars manufactured in a small factory….

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