Cigar Review: Cinco De Cinco by Joya De Nicaragua

This collection started with a cigar that I have enjoyed many times, the Cuatro Cinco released a decade ago. The Cinco de Cinco celebrates the company’s 55th anniversary and was released at the PCA 2023. The company claims the blend was generated with input from consumers and others. I like the idea of bringing the consumer in on blending and I wonder to what extent their input was used. Regardless of how much input was used from the consumer, Joya De Nicaragua really drives home this collaboration with text that can be found on the other side of the band, “Inspired by amigos. Blended by maestros. Crafted for those in the know.”

There are two sizes the Corona Doble and Robusto that are only available in international markets. While I do not usually go for any vitola over a toro, I would have liked to try the Robusto. After all of the Cuatro Cinco cigars I have smoked, I was looking forward to smoking this blend which includes a “ultra vintage” Mexican San Andrés wrapper.


VITOLA:   Corona Extra
SIZE:   6 1/4″ x 46

ORIGIN:   Nicaragua
FACTORY:   Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A.

WRAPPER:   Mexican San Andrés
BINDER:   Nicaraguan
FILLER:   Nicaraguan

STRENGTH:   Medium to Medium+

SOURCE:   Joya de Nicaragua 



January 29, 2024 @ 2 pm


Cold with clear skies



RELEASE TYPE  Regular Production


Typical Box Size:     Boxes of 10
Production Totals:  UNK

o  Corona Extra  (6-1/4″ x 46)
Corona Doble (7″ x 54)
Toro  (6″ x 52)
Robusto Gordo  (5-1/2″ x 54)
Robusto   (5″ x 50)


The band is big and bold. The gold and green really pop with the white accents and borders. The back of the band has a foil green portion that says Obras Maestras (Masterpieces) as this cigar is one of Joya de Nicaragua’s top offerings. I like how these top tier offering bands are designed,  they are elegant and classy. I can always pick them out in a crowded humidor. 



Soft box press with a neat pigtail on the head. There are some slight color variations in the wrapper along the body but for the most part it is a very neatly constructed and uniform cigar. I notice a single cap that is as straight as can be. There are no soft spots and the cigar has almost no give when squeezed. There isn’t too much oil on the wrapper at all.


Lots of barnyard and hickory smoke off the body of the cigar. At first I thought there was nothing to it, but the hickory smoke comes out after a little bit. Off the foot you get more barnyard and more of a cardboard smell. It really is not that interesting.


Getting a lot of earth off the cold draw and it seems tight but I’m hoping it opens up after light up. There is a slight cinnamon on the back end just behind the earth but not too much outside of those two notes.


Cut:  Twisted the pigtail off
Fire:  Torch

I opted to twist off the pigtail for all of my samples instead of cutting the cigar. The draw was just a little tight but opened up quickly after light up to a perfect draw. There is a very char forward taste up front. It just tastes like burnt toast but transforms in seconds to a deep dark earth and coco note, on the back end you get some nutmeg and clove. It stays with you right up until the next draw. It’s not the most pleasant after taste right now, with a damp earth note staying with you draw after draw, hopefully that changes. There is more earth coming off the retro with very mild baking spices following.


Even with just the pigtail twisted off there is ample smoke in each pull and coming off the foot of the cigar. It is a surprising experience considering how tight the cold draw was and how there was no give when squeezing the cigar. Usually with a box pressed stick you will have more give and soft spots.

>> Earth, Dark Chocolate, Cayenne Pepper 

The burn is straight, the ash stays tight with no flakes flying off, and the ash is bright white. The earth is half of the flavor of this stick now with dark chocolate being the other half. The retro picks up and stings the nostril with cayenne and cinnamon but still very earthy. The finish leaves a sensation in your mouth as if you just drank some cream and the lingering earthy note is still there but a lot more subtle. There is some sweetness to it but as soon as you notice that it turns to a bitter coco.

>> Oak, Black Pepper, Dark Chocolate

I noticed about halfway through the second third that the draw gets a little bit tighter, but changes in like a minute. The burn usually moves from just slightly wavy to straight, and I’ve had no issues with the construction of this cigar. There are still nice, big, thick plumes of smoke with a lot of texture and very chewy smoke. Earth takes a front seat again with more spice like black pepper moving in. The retro has some black pepper on it as well but ends with some strong oak notes shining through with a bit of creaminess. The finish has a ton of cream, sweet dark chocolate and wood. I did not notice this in my first sample when I smoked it at a local lounge. The notes still linger along with a chalky note right up until the next draw.

>> Chocolate, Marshmallow, Cream

The last third is an absolute chocolate bomb but you can still notice the earth in the background. This cigar is completely in my wheelhouse. In the beginning of the last third, the Ash kind of flared out, which didn’t match the overall performance of the first 2/3. The dominant flavor is dark chocolate, some milk chocolate, some marshmallow and more milk chocolate. Even on the retro, you notice more chocolate mixed with some creaminess cayenne pepper. The finish melds with the retro so nicely by continuing the waves of chocolate, mixed with oak, cream, almond and a memorable afterburn of cayenne on the back of the throat. This is a more full bodied cigar.



The flavor progression of the Cinco de Cinco is interesting as it really builds from the first third which was just kind of earthy. The second third really picks up in flavor and stays more on the savory side, while the last third introduces sweetness to a point where it was like a desert. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the last third of this cigar, I do not think it would have been so good without the build up from the first and second thirds. I was not bored smoking this stick at all.


The construction of this cigar is unbelievable from the burn to the draw, everything went well. The ash would fall off around an inch in and never had any flakes flying off into the wind. There were just a couple instances where the draw was semi tight. It always opened up a few draws after.

0.60 / 0.80 … Craft & Aesthetic
0.42 / 0.50 … Pre-Light Characteristics
0.45 / 0.50 … Lighting Process
6.50 / 7.70 … Smoking Experience
0.40 / 0.50 … Personal Enjoyment



I really enjoyed the Cuatro Cinco in the past, this is better than that. To be honest, this cigar was not on my radar and I don’t know why but I am happy with my purchase. This is one of those cigars that is a solid choice for any full bodied smoker without the strength. I would recommend at least picking up a 5 pack and taking the time to sit down and enjoy the notes.


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