Episode 51: Chatting at the Drawing Room QC

I visit the Drawing Room QC and chats with two of the owners, Eric Norton and Shale Sage. The trio discuss the cigar community and rich cigar history in Davenport, Iowa, the cigar industry, how cigar manufacturers sell cigars to B&Ms, and how Eric and Shale started their cigar journeys. They also discuss opening a…

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Lounge Review: Davenport’s the Drawing Room QC Has a Private Club Feel

Opened at the end of September 2020, the Drawing Room QC is located in downtown Davenport, Iowa in the same building as a distillery. The lounge is cozy and has an old time feel. Humidified cabinets line the walls ending with lockers. The furniture is leather and inviting. The employee is friendly enough. A skylight…

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Episode 23: Habano Cigar Lounge Davenport, Iowa

I get to sit down with Freddy Allan, owner of the brand new Habano Cigar Lounge in Davenport, Iowa. We talk about what it takes to open a cigar lounge, the hurdles that have to be overcome, and his vision for Habano Cigar Lounge. Freddy also owns four other cigar shops in Chicago and the…

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