22 Clear the Air: A Simply Stogies After Show

Tim brings James and Nick back to the microphone to talk about the latest episode of Simplystogies Podcast with Charlie Minato of Halfwheel. In this hour the tree try to cover as many talking points as possible as Tim gets made fun of, James rants, and Nick points out many great points. It’s another hour…

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Episode 117: Charlie Minato of Halfwheel.com

James and Nick welcome Charlie Minato, co-founder of Halfwheel.com. The trio discuss how Halfwheel came to be, when Charlie started smoking cigars, as well as find out how they review cigars. Charlie details their review process and if there is such a thing as a 100pt cigar. Charlie gives us his expert opinions on the…

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“Responsible Marketing” and Why They’re All Wrong

From Meltdowns to Hot Takes First, we need some context. A few weeks ago the PCA put out an article on “Responsible Marketing.” You can click here to read the entire article, but it basically says that cigar manufacturers have a responsibility to not market their wares to kids. Specifically, “marketing that makes use of…

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