Villa Casdagli

Cigar Review: Villa Casdagli Toro Lives Up to its Namesake

The Villa Casdagli line may have been first shown off at the 2021 Tobacco Plus Expo, but the seed (if you’ll pardon the pun) was planted eight years ago in Costa Rica when Jeremy Casdagli first met Don Olman of the, then, Vegas Santiago Factory. Since then, Jeremy has worked with Olman on special projects…

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Cigars and Coffee Episode 11: Villa Casdagli Coffee and Tatuaje Havana IV

James and Tim are back and they’re drinking Villa Casdagli Coffee from Coffee People and Casdagli Cigars while smoking a Tatuaje at David’s Fine Tobaccos in Clive, Iowa. The pair discuss how they choose their coffee and cigars, rave about the new Villa Casdagli Coffee from the Coffee People, and how they choose a cigar….

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