Building a Tupperdor

Building A Tupperdor

A Tupperdor is a humidor that uses a plastic container, like Tupperware. There are many different containers that will work, the key to the container is to make sure that the lid has a gasket to ensure an airtight seal. Clamps on the lid are a bonus. The below builds are divided by size. Use whatever container best suits your needs and the amount of cigars that will be stored. Links are included, however there might be sites or B&Ms that sell the product for less. Prices associated with each item are accurate at the time this document was created and are subject to change.


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Small: 5 cigars
Plano 3440-10: $5 2

Boveda Packs: $ varies

    • For a small Tupperdor, only a single 8g Boveda needed.
    • Ordering a single 8g online is not very cost effective. Try a local B&M or some cigar retailers will ship with a 8g pack included.


    • Not needed. For the size, as long as it is sealed correctly and a Boveda is used the humidity should stay within 1% of the Boveda. Plus if there are 5 cigars in it, there will likely not be enough room for most hygrometers.

Medium: 30 cigars
Sistema 1830 2: $8

    • Check locally, Target or Home Goods might have this for less.
    • This is the smaller version of the popular Sistema 1870. Same features, just 101 oz. instead of 230 oz.

Boveda Packs: $17

    • 1 – 2 60g packs.
    • These can be ordered online, however they will likely ship as a 4 pack. Check your local B&Ms.

Large: 60-80 cigars
Sistema 1870 1: $15 – 20

    • Check locally, Target or Home Goods might have this for less.
    • Without trays, the 1870 will hold around 80 cigars.

Boveda Packs: $17

    • 2 – 4 60g packs.
    • Ordering a 4 pack online is an option or visit a local B&M

Spanish Cedar Trays: $13

    • Trays are not needed, however work well for organization.
    • Plastic trays will also work.
    • There are several options available from Amazon.

XLarge: A lot of cigars
74 qt. Weathertight Tote 1: $15-20

    • Note: The above link features several different sizes of totes. Choose whatever one is best suited for your needs, this build will use the 74 qt.

Boveda Packs: 1 varies

    • With a Tupperdor this large, either 2 to 4 – 60g or 1 – 320g packs can be used.

Trays 2: varies

    • Note: The above link has several trays. The large tray works best for the 74 qt.
    • Up to 8 large trays can fit.

More info on this build can be found here.
Additional considerations

    • When your Tupperdor arrives it should be cleaned. Rinse it out with water. Do NOT use soap.
    • If there is a plasticy smell, leaving the Tupperdor and Trays in the sun for a couple of hours should remove the smell. Otherwise a solution of baking soda and water will also work.
  • Hygrometers
    • Unless a small Tupperdor is used, get a hygrometer.
  • Consider putting Spanish Cedar in the Tupperdors. Either sheets or by cutting apart a cigar box. Local B&Ms will likely give you empty cigar boxes for free or for a small fee.
  • Regarding Boveda Packs, due to the airtight seal of a Tupperdor less Bovedas are needed for a similarly sized humidor. Additionally Bovedas will typically last longer in a Tupperdor. If you are unsure on how many Bovedas to use, use more. This will allow each one to work less and extend their life. More info about recharging Bovedas can be found here 1.
  • Tupperdors should be opened at least once a week. For a lot of us, that is not a problem. However if you are aging cigars or not a frequent smoker, just open the lid for a couple of seconds to cycle the air and close it.

One way to save a $$ on Boveda is to order in bulk, below are the links: 2 1

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