Aromatic-English pipe tobacco

Boswell’s Northwood

In the heyday of pipe smoking, around 1830-1970, pipe smoking was a local experience, dominated not by large national or international tobacco conglomerates, but by your local tobacconist. These stores would source single component tobaccos which would be blended in house to serve the customer’s needs. As smoking a pipe became less and less fashionable,…

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5 Rare Pipe Tobaccos Worth Smoking

Introduction In every hobby, once one gets past the basics and decides it’s worth pursuing, you look beyond the everyday and towards the upper echelon, where the promise of quality and a unique experience creates a demand that far outstrips supply. Those even passingly familiar with bourbon have heard of Pappy Van Winkle. In the…

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Pipe Tobacco Review: Lane HGL Is an Aromatic Blend With a Small Sweet Spot

For his fifth review at Michael goes over a classic crossover blend, also known as Aromatic-English, Lane HGL. A crossover blend is part aromatic, part English mixture, perfect for someone who loves the smoky-leather notes but wants to keep their friends around while they enjoy their pipe. These can be an easy introduction into…

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