Cigar Review: Lampert Cigars Ocean Breeze

I have heard about Lampert a few times but if you aren’t completely in tune with the cigar industry, it is possible that you have not heard of this company. Lampert Cigars was founded by the lawyer Dr. Stefan Lampert. His first cigar line was MY CIGAR LAB and while on vacation he wanted to…

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Cigars and Coffee Episode 55: Lampert Cigars Don Patron with Janus Sumatra Mandehlding

Tim is back with another episode of Cigars & Coffee. This time he brings a favorite that was discovered at the PCA Trade show in 2021. That’s right!, It’s the Cigar Lab Don Patron by Lampert Cigars paired with another coffee from Janus Roasters, the Sumatra Mandehling 4 year aged. Get 15% off your order…

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Top 5 Cigars to Look Forward to After the PCA Trade Show 2021

Our first PCA (Premium Cigar Association) Trade Show has come and gone, and it has been a lot to digest. Tim and I had a lot of fun going from booth to booth and talking with those in and around the premium cigar industry. Of course, some of the exhibitors were happy to share with…

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