Oath Taker

Cigars and Coffee Episode 10: Sh*t Show

James and Tim stay socially distant and use Zoom due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Iowa. The duo cover the third wave of COVID-19 and how it might impact cigar retailers before moving on to quickly giving their opinions on the election. They also give you tips on Christmas gifts for your significant…

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Episode 42: Stolen Throne Oath Taker Review and Celebration Cigars

I go through my review of the Stolen Throne Oath Taker, a Cigar Federation exclusive offering from Stolen Throne. I tell you why it scored what it did and where I believe the fault lies. Then, with the holiday season upon us, I cover what celebratory cigars are to me, and what I’m planning on…

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Cigar Review: Stolen Throne Oath Taker Tastes Beautiful But Is Tainted by Burn Issues

The Oath Taker from Stolen Throne was a very limited release that was exclusive to Cigar Federation. Lee Marsh once again teamed with Master Blender Noel Rojas to create a cigar experience that acts more like a piece of music that builds to an almost perfect crescendo, than it does just a complex cigar. The…

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Episode 40: Catching-Up with Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne

James catches up with one of the founders and blenders of Stolen Throne Cigars, Lee Marsh. The pair discuss how Stolen Throne has handled the pandemic, their new releases (Call to Arms, Argos, and Oath Takers), what makes boutique cigars boutique, and much more! Check out Stolen Throne’s Facebook page  Visit Stolen Thone on Instagram …

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