Carley Dawson

Cigar Review: 1502 Emerald Robusto by Global Premium Cigars

The 1502 Emerald cigar is part of Global Premium Cigar’s (from hereon referred to as GPC) blended selection of cigars. From what I’ve read, most of GPC’s cigars are primarily comprised of Nicaraguan tobacco. The one that this review is dedicated to actually has a little bit of Mexican tobacco included. The 1502 Emerald is…

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Cigar Review: New World Dorado Toro by AJ Fernandez Cigars

Most cigars tend to use tobacco from multiple farms or countries, so it is much less common to see a cigar constructed with tobacco from the same farm or country. The newest edition of the New World brand from AJ Fernandez not only uses tobacco all from the same country, Nicaragua, but also uses tobacco…

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Cigar Review: Highclere Castle Petite Corona by Foundation Cigars

When one hears the words, Highclere Castle, the first things they do not think of are cigars. If they do happen to know what Highclere Castle is, the first thing that comes to mind is the television show, Downton Abbey, which uses Highclere Castle as its primary setting. Highclere Castle does have a long history…

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