Peter Stokkebye

English Oriental: Peter Stokkebye vs Sutliff

Armageddon and Deep Impact. The Adams Family and The Munsters. Gobots and Transformers.  Cheeze Whiz and Easy Cheese. Sutliff English Oriental and Peter Stokkebye English Oriental Supreme. There are dozens of times competing companies have given us seemingly identical products. And we the consuming public must choose one or the other. Or you know, watch…

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Peter Stokkebye PS 41 Cube Cut

Peter Stokkebye PS 41 Cube Cut is an old fashioned burley forward bulk offering. Cube cut is made by heating then pressing Virginia and Burley in the Cavendish process. This yields a hard plug that is then chopped into hard, dense little nuggets. Michael gives a brief overview of PS 41, its production, and components….

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